Sewing room explosion

The Sacred Homemaker – Re-organising the sewing projects

So it sometimes gets to a point where a bunch of tasks are queued up and waiting to be sorted out, and it’s really just taking up far too much of your headspace.

You need to be mindful of your inner thoughts in order to identify these energy drains.

This week, it’s all the accumulated sewing projects which have been identified as a problem, so here’s what I am doing.

First, I went through the wooden chest where I keep all that stuff.

It’s reasonably well organised but was in disaaray as I had been searching through to find various things and had just shoved stuff back in. I know it’s time to deal with it when I can’t shut the lid!

So every single item came out. That allowed all stray bits of ribbon to go back in their bag, the weaving materials to be collected together, and most especially, all the mending and making costume projects to be set out in piles. (That’s really what the picture is of, not some sort of explosion).

I realised I was a lot more behind than I thought.

And it’s going to take more than one day to deal with it all.

Yesterday I spent 7 hours making 2 banners for our medieval group. I had already precut the banner material into shape, washed the red fabric thoroughly in hot water and I had to cut out and applique the design. Doing 2 at once saved time. I was only supposed to do one as a replacement, but there was more than enough fabric for 2, and it didn’t take much extra time.

Burnfield banner

Now I need to prioritise the rest of the tasks.

Since we are coming into summer, I think the Roman costume should take top priority as it will be a teaching costume too – that is, something I can wear to show people that you can wear something cool and comfortable in the Australian summer, that 3 layers of velvet is not compulsory.

Having been through my stash, now I know that I have sufficient material to make the whole costume, I can repurpose an existing belt, and I will just need to source brooches for along the arms and some sandals to make it all complete.

Also waiting in the wings with substantially enough fabric to complete are
- a fantasy gypsy peasant blouse
- a medieval middle eastern outfit
- a fantasy feathered cloak
- several loaner pieces of costume which can be repaired and go back to the group
- minor repairs on some old favourites
- and a fabulous green italian late period frock with detachable sleeves.

That should keep me going for a while. All these projects are now sorted into piles and sitting on top of the chest because out of sight is out of mind.

I’m happy I went ‘shopping in my stash’ first before I went and spent money we don’t have on things I really don’t need.

How about you? What do you do when the sewing gets out of control?

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