The Sacred Activist – Follow the money

I’ve referenced Russell Brand’s rant about revolution here before, but I think it needs to be said that in my opinion, the revolution is already happening.

It’s very quiet, bloodless and entirely transformative.

Unlike other revolutions which involve barricades, fighting, and in the end, not much change, a true revolution comes quietly and involves large amounts of social change over a period of several decades. There may be bloody skirmishes within this, of course, but in the end the tide sweeps away all resistance.

If an idea’s time has come, then there is almost nothing anyone can do but try to adapt to changing circumstances and go with the flow.

Unfortunately, governments and those in power are not heeding the call. They are desperately clinging onto old power structures and ways of life with increasing desperation as their foundations of wealth are washed from beneath their feet.

Hence the desperate lobbying of politicians for ever increasing draconian rules. Hence the mad dash for the last of the accessible fossil fuels.

If you are a detective, one of the ways to find out whodunnit is to follow the money.

So let’s do that here in 2013, in Australia.

The solar and renewables industry is now at a tipping point world wide where they can provide large scale power projects at the same or less cost than coal. In the most conservative estimation, the coal industry has maybe 10 years of good times left. Suddenly, there’s a great push to remove buy-back tariffs, and even to charge people with solar power for connecting to the grid. It’s a symptom of a failing business model. After it was exposed that rising prices were an artifact of excessive investment in poles and wire (gold plating) it all just fell apart. I wonder how much that gold plating was masking a failing system in the past few years.

And then there is the strangler fig of the internet growing up the tree of the mainstream media, sending out multiple roots into the ground and crushing the MSM business model in an inexorable grip. Desperation when the Murdoch group start blatantly interfering in national politics to try to hold onto a failing business model. Desperation when there are media blackouts on certain topics of conversation. Desperation when high quality journalists get the sack for not doing what they are told.

The whole coal seam gas debacle is a world wide rush by resources companies to try to squeeze at least a bit more fossil fuel out before the whole thing becomes redundant.

And do you have ANY idea what 3D printers are going to do to the manufacturing sector? Or to health and medicine for that matter?

So follow the money and hold your nose as it leads you through some very murky places.

Happily, the world is changing. The top end of town can’t get away with what they used to because everyone has a camera, and a recorder and a phone in their pocket. Anyone can publish a news article complete with photos. Anyone can break a story. Anyone can correct a falsehood. Anyone can be an investigative journalist. Anyone can go digging in public records from their laptop armed with nothing more than a search engine and patience.

Watch the rise of extraordinary voluntary groups coming together to provide better science than the officials, in the case of Higgins Storm Chasing.

Watch the amateur footage being used on the MSM daily news. Watch the ads that won’t be allowed to be played on TV stations becoming absolute viral hits on the web.

The world is changing and you have a choice. Try to prop up the old regime, or go with the flow and enter a brave new world.

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