Tarot reading – 10 Card – $25

10 card Tarot reading by experienced practitioner.

The 10 cards are laid out in a traditional Celtic Cross spread and will give you a reading for the next six months or so.

24 hour turnaround – We can e-mail you a .pdf file or send you a printout in the post.

Payment via Paypal gateway only, Credit cards accepted.

Order Tarot reading 10 Cards @ $25.00

8 thoughts on “Tarot reading – 10 Card – $25

    1. Bala

      Okay, I’m in the dead of Arkasnas (Hick/anti-anything-except-christianity central) and the closset thing to a new age store would have to be a local Hastings with an obscenely small New Age section. If I can’t find a deck of cards there where should I look? I’ve found no New Age stores around here and if I ask my friends and classmates if they know where one is they either don’t know what New Age is or say I dunno where one is but you should really check out that Bible store near the Wal-mart

      1. ARH Post author

        I’d suggest buying mail order on Amazon. They have heaps of good tarot and divination decks, and they ship to your door in plain brown packaging :)

  1. the traveling psychics

    The Traveling Psychics is a Michigan psychic entertainment company that provides psychic mediums, palm readers, fortune tellers, tarot card readers and crystal ball gazers for parties and events. We are first class. CEO and President Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen whom is known as the Madam of the Michigan Psychics is available for private readings in person and by phone.

  2. Dylan Cherico

    It is unrealistic hard to expect a psychic to always have the suitable answers. However, in fairness if they’re not able to see what lies ahead for you, they should be honest and tell you they can’t see anything.

    1. Akilu

      When are people going to get it, you cnanot label the occult. The occult stands for hidden wisdom which nine our of ten people will never, ever understand. The occult isn’t fairy tales, but real spiritual and external intelligence. Albert Einstein had occult, magical knowledge. No one discovered what he did before he came out with his equations, yet people could understand. He was a spiritual man and his famous quote, the most beautiful thing we can experience is the unknown , proved that.


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