On my Mind … flag litter

So now that Australia Day is all over, what happens to those stupid flags people have on their cars (made in China)?. They fall off on the side of the road, that’s what. A friend rides to work and picks them up. He has covered his toilet walls with them. I’m not sure what’s stranger, littering with the flag, or putting them all in your toilet…

2 thoughts on “On my Mind … flag litter

  1. rhonda jean

    I don’t like seeing those car flags. I think it’s lazy nationalism and it’s pretty ugly. At least your friend is recyling so they don’t go to landfill.

  2. Mary

    Wow! I’m amazed at that. Here in the USA you will NEVER see the flag disrespected like that. It is considered poor taste at best and a crime at worst. After 9/11 a lot of folks put them on cars, but once they became tattered they took them off.

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