The Sacred Homemaker – Scheduling housework

Yes I know, but this is not a “how anal-retentive can I get” competition. Really, it’s not.
It’s just that some things need to be done once a day, once a week or once a month, or things get messy, dirty, and unhygienic. However, your priorities will depend on your family circumstances, your income, where you live, what climate you live in and how motivated you happen to be that week.
Scheduling can reduce your workload. Yes it can. Because regular maintenance prevents larger issues emerging which then cost much money and time to fix.
For example, we just had our wooden floors polished. Because of the floods, our yard was inches deep in coarse river sand. This was tracked inside by everyone. Sand will scratch polished floors in no time, especially if on shoes. So cleaning the rugs at the front door became a daily chore to prevent damage, and a house rule of ‘no shoes’ was implemented. Vacuuming the loose sand in corners is something that happens weekly during my usual floor clean.

So currently (since I am not currently in paid work) the schedule is this:
Monday: Housework day
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: House painting
Thursday: payday – shopping and bills
Friday: Washing
Saturday: Art
Every day: Cooking, Garbage removal, clean cat litter.
Weekly: Floor clean – vacuum, sweep, mop, tidy, change towels, dust, clean bathroom and toilet
Monthly: Strip sheets and wash (I do this at the start of the month, so I remember when to do it.)
Seasonally: Wash other bedding and put away or take out as appropriate.

Of course life sometimes gets in the way. Last week the floor clean just didn’t happen as I had a virus all week. The food shopping did happen only because otherwise we would have been eating pancakes, and only pancakes, for the next week. I exaggerate a little, but you know what I mean. The food shopping happened on Friday instead of Thursday last week, and the washing just had to wait.

The important thing though is that if you schedule it this way, then most of the time, the housework gets done on a regular basis. And that means no nasty fluff and pet hair buildup under furniture, much less dust, tidier rooms and a nicer feel to the house. So when you get unexpected visitors, there’s no need for panic. If you get sick for a week, well, next week you can catch up. If something you are doing weekly really only needs to be done monthly, substitute something else, like cleaning a window in that room, or organising a drawer.

You will be healthier, your pets will be healthier, and that all adds up to less bills and less stress. It’s much easier to quickly wipe off 2 dirty marks, than scrub a table for an hour and lose all motivation.

Our Grandmothers had a schedule – Monday was washing day, Tuesday was baking day, Wednesday was market day and so on, depending on where you lived. If you were Christian, Sunday was going to church and a roast dinner followed by a quiet afternoon. They used a schedule because it works. You can too.

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2 thoughts on “The Sacred Homemaker – Scheduling housework

  1. Gemma

    Thank you for this series, I’ve really been enjoying it and I’m looking forward to the next installment. I’m a stay at home mum/wife at the moment too and lately I’ve been thinking about finding ways to stay more organised and get on top of it most (if not all) of the time. It’s kinda spooky that you’ve started blogging about that very thing! :) Anyway, enjoy your time being a sacred homemaker until you get a job and it’s back to the daily grind of leaving the house and doing that. Blessed be! xx

    1. ARH Post author

      Thanks for your feedback Gemma. I started writing the series because I realised that I have worked out a whole series of tools and techniques to keep me organised and I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t share them and help other people gain more time to do the stuff they love to do, as opposed to the stuff they have to do.

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