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So today I’d like to talk about a different aspect of Scheduling and general organisation in the home. I call it the ‘Reset’. You can use it to great effect at work as well, but let’s discuss the domestic uses here.

It’s simplest to start with an example:

When I bought towels and bath mats earlier this year, I purchased 2 identical sets. We have 3 people in our house and our bathroom has 1 space for a hand towel so I bought:

6 bath sheets (what they call a bath towel these days wouldn’t hide much!)

2 bath mats

2 hand towels

So now I have 2 sets. The key thing here is that each set is interchangeable with the other, so if at some point during the week my darling son decided to use the hand towel as a handkerchief, I have another one ready to go. It matches everything already out. (Unlike if you had one purple and one orange set, or one floral and one stripy).

The reset process goes like this. On Mondays, which is currently housework day, I strip out all the used towels, the bath mat and the hand towel from the bathroom and take them downstairs for washing. Then as soon as the bathroom is cleaned, I put out the other set from the cupboard and the whole room is done. I don’t have to wait for the towels downstairs to make it through the wash, onto the line, and back upstairs. I have a week to get that sorted.

So when the spare set has been washed, dried and folded, I put them away in the cupboard all together – towels at the bottom, then the mat, then the hand towel, biggest items at the bottom, smallest on top. The bathroom is now re-set, at least as far as towels go.

It’s exactly what motels do to make sure that rooms are ready to be rehired in the smallest possible time. Then they take the dirty linen away to be washed and returned at a later time.

As another example I have 2 identical warm grey polarfleece blankets which the kittens love to snuggle in. Again, each week, one goes into the wash for flea control, and the other goes straight onto the pet bed with some flea powder underneath. I then have a week to make sure the used blanket gets washed, dried, folded and put away for next week.

The re-set in this case gives you some flexibility in when you do your washing, and allows for the fact that the weather might not always smile on your plans.

It also means that these items get changed out more often than they otherwise would, which is better for everyone’s health.

Of course I don’t have a spare everything, but for frequently used items, it makes a big difference to your cleaning time.

So to set up a re-set in your home, ask yourself, is everything set up ready to go for next time? Do I have spares for items that need frequent washing or that need to be taken away for cleaning? Can I substitute part of one set with part of another?

Got it? Now you’re all set for the re-set!

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4 thoughts on “The Sacred Homemaker – Scheduling – The Reset

  1. Tamara

    I colour code our family’s towels & toothbrushes. Everyone gets two towels in their colour – this stops them from taking someone else’s towel. Having a 3 year old, the face washers are changed every day. The bed sheets on the other hand are ALL blue – albeit of various shades but I’m not fussy about this. So when the gastro goes through the house …TAHDAHHH! Instant matching sheets!

    1. ARH Post author

      Hi Tamara, I agree with you about the sheets, my sheets are all white so I can bleach them good! Anna


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