The Sacred Homemaker – Saving your Sanity

My art group is saving my sanity at the moment. Working from home can be quite difficult, if only because it is hard to work out where the boundaries are. Where exactly is my office? My desk is in the sunroom, but that can be noisy and hot, so I end up at the kitchen table. When am I working, and how do I signal that to other members of the household? And as for getting any art done, well with 2 adolescent cats in the house, that can be tricky as well, if only because they are so interested in everything I do, that paws and whiskers end up in the paint!

So having a twice weekly venue to disappear to for a morning is invaluable. It gives a sense of routine, for one.

Secondly, it provides an opportunity to actually leave the house and forces a consideration of clothes, hair and other errands I could do while I’m out.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I am actually improving my work and amassing a body of stuff that can be exhibited or put up for sale.

At last, I am taking that side of myself seriously, and putting some serious effort in.

When you work in the home and/or work from home, it’s important to have something outside the home to go to. If you are raising kids, it’s probably a good idea to make this a kid-free event. Everyone needs a break, and a regularly scheduled one will do you the world of good. Send the kids to Grandma’s, leave them with their other parent, pay a babysitter, anything, only get some kid-free time to yourself. Playgroup does not count.

There is nothing like the luxury of wandering into one of those shops full of pretty breakable things and being able to spend as long as you like browsing.

What’s your sanity saver?

(Image by Anna Hitchcock – Earth Air Fire Water – Watercolour and felt pen on paper – 2013)

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One thought on “The Sacred Homemaker – Saving your Sanity

  1. Gemma

    Beautiful artwork! I am loving this series since I am a stay-home mum at the moment, and it’s great to see an intelligent take on the topic of sacred homemaking from someone who I think is very magically effective. Even though it doesn’t count, I do take bugalugs to 2 playgroups a week and I also go to dance lessons, a new-agey meditation group and the odd night of karaoke. I just had a discussion (*cough*, argument) with my partner not long ago about how important it is for me to have nights out of the house to keep my sanity.

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