Sacred Homemaker

The Sacred Homemaker: Cleaning

I really hate the term ‘homemaker’, it’s really just a way to disguise the reality of the fact that we are (mostly) house wives, and since it’s difficult to live on one income alone, the housewife has become a less than desirable occupation. But as a witch, I feel that those who are looking after […]

The Sacred Homemaker: Frugality

What is frugality? Is it sitting freezing in the dark? Is it buying a $400 pair of shoes instead of the $1000 pair you really want? To me, frugality is all about making an inventory of what you already have, before you go out and buy something else. It’s about being imaginative in sourcing materials. […]

The Sacred Homemaker: OMG the kitchen’s covered in maggots

Yes it’s happened to us all, especially those in hot climates, where raw chicken blood will breed maggots in an afternoon, and certainly by the next day. And after it’s all cleaned up, what then? Homemaker failures like this should be used as an opportunity to review your systems. Just as in a workplace, something […]

The Sacred Homemaker: Scheduling – using a Calendar

The Sacred Homemaker: Scheduling – using a Calendar

Scheduling is an important tool in any homemaker’s arsenal. When it works, it really is like magic, the way stuff happens. It’s a way of making sure nothing gets missed, and will save huge amounts of time and money. Why? Because you won’t have to put right what went wrong. So today, we need to […]

The Sacred Homemaker – Scheduling housework

Yes I know, but this is not a “how anal-retentive can I get” competition. Really, it’s not. It’s just that some things need to be done once a day, once a week or once a month, or things get messy, dirty, and unhygienic. However, your priorities will depend on your family circumstances, your income, where […]

The Sacred Homemaker – Meal Plans

I have to let you know from the outset that meal plans have never worked for us. You know, the ones where you set out each meal for each day and write your shopping list from that. With a husband who is the fussiest eater in the entire world, who might or might not be […]

The Sacred Homemaker – The Zombie Apocalypse

OK, so as I assure my son, there is no such thing as the Hollywood style zombie. (We won’t go into some rare voodoo practices here!) But an apocalypse can strike your home at any time. It might be a localised natural disaster like a flood or a tornado (lived through both and still here). […]

The Sacred Homemaker – Scheduling – The Reset

The Sacred Homemaker – Scheduling – The Reset

So today I’d like to talk about a different aspect of Scheduling and general organisation in the home. I call it the ‘Reset’. You can use it to great effect at work as well, but let’s discuss the domestic uses here. It’s simplest to start with an example: When I bought towels and bath mats […]

The Sacred Homemaker – Taking control and Letting go

If you are someone who tends to empathise with others, who has trouble saying ‘no’, who tries to do too much and ends up disorganised as a result, it’s very effective to sit down and organise what’s actually within your control. If it’s in your control, then worry about it. If it’s not in your […]

The Sacred Homemaker – The children’s fund

Once upon a time, (at least 10 years ago ) you had to go to the bank to open an account for savings. And then you had to remember to put the savings in there on a regular basis, which was always the bit that never happened. Today, there are marvellous tools which can insulate […]

The Sacred Homemaker – Setting Goals and Setting Limits

Goals are all very well. When you were (slightly) younger than you are now, your career advisor probably told you to have some (or at least one). You probably got some version of this: “You need to set the bar high in order to achieve”. Or what about this one: “You need some direction in your […]

The Sacred Homemaker – being gentle on yourself

So you are the sort of person who overcommits. Here are some familiar examples: “Yes of course I will cook for 200 people on the weekend. Authentic medieval ingredients and techniques? no worries. In costume? of course.” “Would you organise a meeting of 20 people including catering cause we couldn’t be arsed?” “ No worries.” “Would […]

The Sacred Homemaker – Saving your Sanity

The Sacred Homemaker – Saving your Sanity

My art group is saving my sanity at the moment. Working from home can be quite difficult, if only because it is hard to work out where the boundaries are. Where exactly is my office? My desk is in the sunroom, but that can be noisy and hot, so I end up at the kitchen table. When […]

The Sacred Homemaker – Better Baking

The Sacred Homemaker – Better Baking

Baking is not the same thing as cooking. In its purest sense, baking is both alchemical and magical in nature – meaning that it is a scientific process of transformation which relies on precise chemical interactions at certain temperatures in order to work. (Proper incantations may assist as well!) Cooking, on the other hand, is […]

The Sacred Homemaker – Brewing Better Coffee

The Sacred Homemaker – Brewing Better Coffee

So brewing good coffee like any number of kitchen witchery topics is a lot about having the right ingredients and equipment. First you need to know that what tastes good in coffe is the volatile oils, that is, the bit that evaporates and gives that coffee smell. Really you are smelling coffee a lot more […]