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(You need your own tarot cards for this one).


As a single tarot consultation can cost anywhere up to $50, subscribing is an economical way to keep track of things if you have your own cards.

Why would you want this service?

  • Do you have your own Tarot cards?
  • Are you tired of hunting through your Tarot book for the meanings to the cards, only to forget halfway through what the first card meant?
  • Would you liketo be able to refer back to a reading to see how accurate it is in six months time?

Our subscription service makes it easy.

Once you are signed up, you get access to a range of spreads -

  • One card for what you need to work on today
  • Three cards for past, present and future
  • Ten cards for a full spread

Lay out your cards and choose each card in turn from the dropdown boxes, and the meanings are displayed on that page.  Once all the meanings are displayed press the “Save to PDF” button and you will receive a printable .pdf file with the whole reading laid out for you -which makes it much easier then to see what general message the reading is trying to tell you. Save or print it out for easy referral.

If you already have a login to this site, make sure you are logged in before clicking either of the paypal buttons.

The tarot subscription service works like this:

You can have a one day free trial to check it out.

After that, you have 2 options:

A single monthly subscription for $14.95 which will expire after 1 month.

A recurring monthly subscription of $9.95 which will automatically charge you every month until you unsubscribe.

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