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Living Pagan isn’t always easy

After a period of vast change and reflection, including a year of travel, Blackbird Potions is trying hard to settle down in a more congenial city. It’s amazing how a natural disaster can either bring people together, or pull them apart. This community is pulling together and we are happy to be becoming part of that.

It would be nice if we could all live an idyllic existence, on our own land being completely self-sufficient, in the midst of a similarly minded community – where we are able to learn from and work with elders who walk the same path.

For now in this day, time and place – good books and good authors are the wise elders we’re apprenticed to. We’ll continue our learning, honour the changing seasons, and do our best to find a balance between being in touch with nature and embracing modern technology.

We hope the articles and information on this page help you a little way along your journey.

Tarot interpretation tool FAQ

Q: Who can use this?
A: Anyone who has their own Tarot cards. The tool will not work well with angel cards, or other divination systems, but is designed for the standard cups, coins, sword and wand suits with major arcana cards.

Q: How do I use this?
A: Lay out your cards in the standard Celtic Cross positions and select from the drop down box the card in each position. Each meaning is tailored to the position in which the card turns up. For example, the meaning of the six of cups will be different if it is in the ‘views of others’ section, as opposed to the ‘final outcome’ position.

Q: Once I have selected the ten cards, what happens?
A: This tool will automagically produce a one page document in .pdf format with the full reading. You can then save, print or e-mail the reading.

Q: What if I just want something quick?
A: There is an option for either a 1card reading, 3 card reading or a 10 card reading, whatever you fancy.

Q: Does it cost to use this service?
A: You can have a 24 hour free trial and after that it is a subscription service.

Try it today with our 24 hour free trial To find out more, Click Here.


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Next Market Days


Bundaberg and Gin Gin markets planned at this stage as well as various medieval events. But first, I need to get my stock out of storage. And before that, my house needs to be repaired from the floods. I’ll keep you all posted!

Don’t forget you are always welcome to contact me through the website, or through Facebook. You’ll get a quicker response from Facebook though :-)

BBP back up

Hi everyone,

BBP is on the road (for a year or so), so everything bar the downloadable spells has been taken off the webshop.

Downloadable spells are now only $0.99 each.