Blow away your troubles Spell – $0.99 download

This spell is useful when you feel that problems are weighing you down and you don’t know where to start.

You will need:

-      Small bottle of bubble mixture

-      Small item such as a crystal to carry around with you (we recommend rose quartz) but a pebble would do.

-      An outside area such as a park or your backyard

-      A sunny day

Let your troubles fly free!

A safe spell for children and teenagers.

This spell is a .pdf file, which you will be able to download after payment is processed.

NB. We use the same system for downloadable products as for products which need to be shipped so although this is a downloadable product you will be asked for your postal address. If you don’t want to give us your real address, that’s ok, just make something up and give us a laugh.

Payment via Paypal gateway only, Credit cards accepted.

Order Blow Away Your Troubles Spell @ $0.99

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