Wealth spells – a warning

I just wanted to add a bit of a warning about wealth spells.

Unless you are very very careful about how you phrase this sort of spell, it will have unintended consequences, such as the death of a relative who leaves you a legacy, or a fire burning down your house leaving you the insurance money.

The gods have a sense of humour, and they are not happy about greed in any form.

Thus you will be taught a lesson if you venture into this area without a humble heart and the purest of intentions.

A far better approach, is to think about what you want the wealth for – is it so that you don’t need to work anymore? or is it to assist someone else?

There are always ways to make this happen with far less money than you thought possible.

You just have to think outside the square.

For example, it may be possible to assist someone by finding them a cheaper place to live, or a better paying job, rather than random wealth.

But if this is what you ask for, you must keep an open heart, ears and mind, because the opportunity will often appear in an unexpected way.

A friend of mine was seeking a better paying job, but was blocked from getting anywhere. It wasn’t until she rephrased the question as “find the job that is right for me”, that things shifted and she got exactly what she needed – incidentally with more money. Focussing on the money didn’t get her anywhere. Focussing on the need got results.

And on a more practical level, if you are considering a wealth spell, examine why you need more money.

Can you reduce your expenses? (Most people can with very little effort). Make a budget. Pay your bills on time so you don’t pay extra interest or fees.

Even better, put money aside and pre-pay bills where you can to earn early payment discounts. Use electronic banking to automatically pay all your essentials on payday.

Shop less often.

Go out without your credit card.

Make those shoes last a couple of weeks longer.

It all adds up.

And if you still want to use a wealth spell, remember, the gods’ sense of humour isn’t always funny to mortals.

Be careful.

2 thoughts on “Wealth spells – a warning

  1. rhonda kniskern

    Im in so much financial trouble my husband lost his job of$28 an hr, and I broke my back 4yrs ago,alsolost a live in patient of another stroke.we are behind in our bills and about to lose our house,we need just enough money to make it.how and what spell do you advise me to use as we are in dire need..thanks please reply ..witch fawnah wiccan..witches book and info exchange..rhonda kniskern.

  2. ARH Post author

    Hi – what I find interesting is how much you are focussing on the negative things in your life. Sure it’s probably objectively a difficult time in your life, but when you focus on the negative exclusively, then that is all you will bring into your life. You are effectively casting a spell with your thoughts, and attracting more negativity, as well as negative people.
    I would suggest as a first step you think about how you feel about your house. Is it a positive force in your life, or a negative one. Would letting go of the house actually free you?
    Think about the worst case scenario, without judgement or fear. Do you have somewhere to go – a friend or relative? Would rent be cheaper than a mortgage where you are?
    In cases like this, where there is a run of bad luck, it can be because you have a deep seated lesson which you have refused to learn. Then the messages become louder and louder and louder until you really do have to pay attention.
    But you can’t really do a spell to sort out the situation until you know what you really want. And this is about your family as well, so there needs to be discussion as a family.
    When you know what you want, you don’t need to do anything fancy, just ask. It will happen.
    It sounds to me like you need to make a major change in your life direction. This could take the form or a physical move, but it could also be simply a spiritual shift in consciousness, so that you see with new eyes.
    Remember, there is always a solution, it’s just that we box ourselves in and refuse to see what is in front of our noses.
    So as a first spell, you need to ask for clear vision about your situation. Light a candle, call on your gods, ask , and then blow out the candle. Then you need to listen very carefully to everything anyone says to you or you read over the next few days. Certain words or phrases will leap out at you. Write them down.
    You will see a pattern emerge.
    Good luck and blessed be.

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