Psychic Vampirism – and other Nasty Stuff

What is a psychic vampire?

It sounds very nasty, and it is, but of course it is a lot more common than most people think, and perhaps you have indulged in a bit of it yourself.

Mostly unconscious, this is a fairly dramatic name for something which happens a lot in human relationships.

One person is draining energy from another, and when I say energy, I mean what is often referred to as ‘chi’ or’life force’ or even that nebulous thing called ‘motivation’.

This can be either positive or negative, or neutral, depending on who is benefiting and the harm given.

An example may illustrate my point more clearly.

I once was a member of a fairly informal coven, loosely based on Wicca and containing mostly inexperienced practitioners who were interested in learning more about paganism, magic, and all forms of psychic development.

One of the members was someone who could ‘suck the life out of a room’.

Inviting him to a party was a poor move, as he seemed to suck all the joy out of the corner where he sat.

He and his partner were trying unsuccessfully for a child, and not having much luck, partly due to her age and weight.

Miscarriage after miscarriage went by.

I don’t know whether this person was miserable because of circumstances, or whether his misery created poor circumstances, perhaps a little of both.

In any event, he was an example of what I would describe as ‘psychic vampirism’ mainly because I don’t know what else to call it.

The key point here is that I don’t believe for a moment that he consciously wished to be that way, or that he wished for personal misery.

It just happened, and the only thing we could do was shield ourselves from it.

If I had been more experienced, I would have suggested excluding him from workings, as I don’t believe his presence helped.

This energy giving and receiving can be illustrated in the practice of cord-cutting: where negative psychic connecting cord are cut from a person’s spiritual being.

We often form these cords where we care about the outcome of our interaction with a person, and they can be very damaging.

Obvously, not all psychic connections are negative, but too many of these cords can leave a person very drained and unable to function well, as well as leading indirectly to mental health complaints and even physical ailments.

So how do you identify a psychic vampire?

This can be difficult if you already have a close relationship with the person – hard to see the wood for the trees so to speak.

And yet as with most forms of abuse, it is the people close to you who are most likely to be doing it.

So take some time to analyse:

1. After you meet with the person physically, do you feel drained?

2. If the person is calling on the phone, and you haven’t yet taken the call, do you feel apprehensive?

3. Do you try and avoid the person’s company wherever possible?

4. Do you worry excessively about what they think of you?

5. Is a problem at work taking over your private life or vice versa?


Any of these are indicators that someone is interfering with your spiritual being, probably unconsciously.

So how do you fix the issue?

Any pagan or spiritual seeker should first learn how to protect themselves with a personal shield. Others have discussed this in great detail so I won’t go into it here.

Once you know how to throw up a shield, try putting it up before you meet with the person or talk to them on the phone. Do you feel a difference?

If you are able to, cut the cord between you and that person using whatever ritual you prefer, and record the content of the cord, which should give you some insight into what is going on.

You may be able to remove that person from your life without too much trouble. Do so without delay.

Once the person is neutralised, focus on building relationships with people who make you feel energised – just be wary that you aren’t sucking their energy to their detriment and becoming a psychic vampire yourself.

In a properly harmonious relationship, you should both feel energised and happy after meeting, and be keen to see each other again.

Treat people like this with care and respect, and you will be rewarded with a lifetime of friendship and a lifeline in need.

Blessed Be,