Moving On

Well, after some time away from the keyboard, it’s time to start writing again. Not that I had writers block, but my mundane life went a little bit crazy and I needed to spend some time sorting all of that out. I’m currently working 40 hours per week which is really ten hours too much, considering I am running a household as well, doing a lot of cooking and gardening and cleaning by hand. In addition, we’ve made the decision to move on from the town we are currently living in and go travelling around Australia for about 12 months before settling again. For my overseas readers, this is a kind of pilgrimmage that many Australian families take when their kids are out of nappies but before they start high school. I went when I was 12, my brother was 10 and my sister was 3. We only went for 3 months and that is really not long enough to get around the whole country. There were many things we missed out on because of time, money and vehicle constraints. This time, we will have the $$ to do the thing properly, but having said that, there is a lot more preparation involved this time.

Selling the house, buying a 4wd, getting a camper trailer made to our specs, and decluttering.

oh my god, the decluttering.

Who knew my stash of useful cardboard boxes was this big?

More later, after I kill the evil army of dust bunnies which is threatening to invade the house after I disturbed their nest….

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