I thought it might be timely to add a quick note about grounding. This is one of the first things I will discuss with someone who is starting out along the pagan path, and it’s one of the most important things to learn apart from casting a circle.

Most people can raise energy. Have you ever been really, really, really angry? I mean that white hot rage that rises like a tide and fills you so that you feel like exploding?

Some of us have or develop a natural ability to hold this in. Most toddlers don’t have this ability, hence the supermarket rage one sees every day, with an embarrassed mother alongside. That anger is raised energy, and since most adults don’t feel free to have a temper tantrum, that energy, once raised, has to go somewhere. If not grounded, it will add to health problems like blood pressure and heart issues.

In a similar way, when you do a spell, or start pagan work, you are raising energy. Depending on your natural strength and level of practice, the energy raised can be quite large, unformed and difficult to deal with. I know when I have too much energy raised, because the palms of my hands get hot and can even start to sweat or have small stabbing pains. That’s fine when I have a purpose in the middle of a ritual, but waking up the next day  and having this still happening is uncomfortable. Where and how you feel uncomfortable will be unique to you.

So how to ground that energy? If you are an earth person the best way I have found is to literally ‘ground’ it, that is, go sit on the ground in a favourite spot and try to put both palms flat on the ground and have bare feet too.

Fire people may find that starting and staring into a fire works for them – make sure you take the appropriate precautions when dealing with fire of course. A candle will work in a pinch as well.

Air people can climb a hill and let the breeze blow through them, or incense can work too.

Water people need to physically connect with flowing water of some sort. If that’s difficult because of your location, let a tap run over your hands for a while.

In essence, grounding requires a physical connection with something larger than yourself so that the energy levels can balance themselves out. It can take a while, so if you are not able to meditate for an hour or so, take along a book and just relax for an hour or two. It works just the same.

Blessed Be.

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